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Weight Loss

The Austin Health Reclaimed offers successful weight loss programs – Serving Central Texas, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, San Antonio and Central Texas.

At Austin Health Reclaimed, Dr. Phyllis Okereke oversees your total wellness plan, which often includes weight loss or weight management. This is a highly personalized approach based on your lifestyle, genetics, health status and conditions, and test results. With many patients, we utilize and recommend the IDEAL PROTEIN program, a medically developed weight loss protocol that is only available through qualified medical professionals.

We chose this program based on our knowledge and understanding of what works best, and how to help people for the long term. What we love about the Ideal Protein program is that it promotes fat loss but supports muscle mass. We’ve witnessed firsthand how it improves the overall well-being of our clients.

This program incorporates special gourmet foods that are protein based, and there are more than 60 products available. These proteins are highly absorbable, which is important. This weight management plan will involve one-on-one coaching, educational support and motivation. We will conduct a weekly weight check and body measurements, with analysis.

We pride ourselves on not just telling you what to do but rather, informing and educating you so that you better understand your body and how it burns fat and calories, and how weight is affected by your choices. You’ll learn the mechanism we need to trigger in order to lose fat, and you’ll learn what food combinations promote fat storage. As time passes, you’ll gain full understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, making you better equipped to manage your weight on an ongoing basis. Of course, as you can understand, the maintenance protocol is key to your weight loss program’s success.

Dr. Okereke welcomes your questions and is passionate about healthy diet, exercise, and weight management for the benefit of improving your wellness and longevity! Weight management is one of the many elements in functional medicine, helping patients by examining and addressing the whole body and all of its systems. Improved wellness beyond what traditional medicine was achieving is what drew Dr. Okerek to practice integrative medicine, and she is committed to your health. Please contact us for your initial consultation, and bring your questions!



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