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Thyroid and Adrenal Wellness at the Austin Health Reclaimed- Serving Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, San Antonio, and Central Texas

Many people do not realize the large role that the endocrine system, thyroid and adrenal glands play in your overall daily well-being. The thyroid gland is located at the base of your neck, and is one of the most important glands in the body. It controls how you burn energy, your metabolism and many of your body functions. Thyroid hormones affect all the tissues of the body.

The adrenal glands also play a major role in your wellness. They are responsible for handling stress. They determine your body’s response to any and all changes in your situation, body, or environment. Stresses on your system are many and varied and nearly all prompt the “flight or fight” response, which your system then has to deal with and resolve. So your adrenal glands go to work for everything from a conflict with a coworker, to a rainstorm while driving, to having the flu, spraining your ankle, or having diabetes.

Appreciating the critical role these glands play, you can see how important it is to regulate them and keep them healthy. Dr. Phyllis Okereke recognizes the importance of the thyroid and adrenal systems in your overall wellness. These glands can many times be the culprit when someone has weight gain, fatigue/low energy, headaches and other ailments. Yet conventional medicine often downplays or completely overlooks these glands as being a cause of symptoms.

After a thorough evaluation, if it is determined that these systems are off balance and not functioning properly, a multi-faceted treatment program will be recommended, with a goal to optimize function. Testing is done and lab results are reviewed and discussed with you. Then, lifestyle and nutrition changes will be reviewed with you as well. Stress reduction is key, and you’ll learn ways to achieve this goal.

In Dr. Okereke’s extensive experience, suboptimal thyroid function is common but rarely diagnosed. Many people suffer unnecessarily. Unfortunately, when conventional testing is analyzed, it does not reveal the problem. And, many doctors simply aren’t looking for it. Quite often, patients have had their thyroid and adrenals looked at previously and have been told they were fine — or, these glands hadn’t been considered at all.

It is extremely rare to find a highly skilled physician who practices integrative medicine, embraces modern and holistic methodologies, and has a background in endocrinology. Dr. Okereke is very focused on each patient and applies all of her training and experience to the customized wellness plan for that individual. She treats patients who come to the Austin Health Reclaimed with low energy, low sex drive, low immune function, and many health complaints – and successfully improves how they feel each day, bringing them better health overall. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to providing your initial consultation.



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