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Integrative Medicine

Austin Health Reclaimed specializes in Integrative Medicine – Serving Central Texas, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, San Antonio and Central Texas.

Integrative medicine focuses on prevention, as well as on treating the whole person, not just treating a symptom or single condition. An integrative medicine practitioner wants to know everything about their patient and all of the symptoms, systems and balances in that patient’s body. Integrative medicine doctors work to identify the underlying causes of symptoms and conditions and reverse or correct that cause.

As an integrative and functional medicine specialist, Dr. Phyllis Okereke examines and explains the interaction between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors — all of which contribute to overall health. These factors influence how you feel every day and can contribute to chronic diseases.

The integrative medicine approach utilizes nutrition, diet, and exercise, as well as other lifestyle changes and holistic therapies, to not only treat but prevent sickness and disease. Western medicine is still a consideration, but it is not the sole answer. At Austin Health Reclaimed, we incorporate some aspects of Western medicine into our practice, while bringing a personalized, holistic methodology to each patient.

Dr. Okereke thoroughly enjoys discussing functional, integrative wellness with new patients and educating them on the natural ways that the body can heal itself when supported in the right manner. Dr. Okereke prides herself on going above and beyond to find all the imbalances and all the causes of health issues you are experiencing and addressing them with integrative therapies. This is what anti-aging and optimal health are all about. We look forward to seeing you at your initial consultation.



August 13, 2019

The Benefits of Compounded Hormones Can Enhance Menopause and Andropause Treatment

Standardized pharmaceuticals transform and save lives every day. Their role is so central in our lives that it is easy to forget just how powerful these medications can be, whether […]

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